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Liability: Neither the client nor any passenger shall use the vehicle for any activity that is illegal or prohibited under any applicable law, rule or regulation. The client shall be liable for any damages to the vehicle caused by any of its passengers. Further, the client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Destiny Limousine LTD, its management company and their respective employees from and against any and all such losses, damages and claims that are the result of the negligence, fraud or intentional misconduct of the client or its passengers. Subject to foregoing, Destiny Limousine LTD shall have no liability whatsoever for any samples, displays, property or personal effects left in the vehicle by the client or the passengers.

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Damages: The client is responsible for any damage done to the vehicle by any passenger as a result of this contract. If the damages result in the trip being terminated, the group will still be responsible for the minimum rental period per this contract.
Extra Stops: Any extra pickups or drop-offs should be added at the time of the booking. Adding additional stops on the spot are allowed only if it does not conflict with other bookings. We charge $25 base rate for making an extra stop that includes the same city stop within 2 km “no waiting, just pick up or drop off”. If additional pickups or drop-offs are more than 2 km out of the way, then extra stop charges are based on the time to get to that stop and back on the way. Please call our office beforehand to calculate the cost as you will be liable to pay the amount once driver make that stop and we track it on the GPS.
Complimentary Wait Times: Destiny offer 10 minutes of free waiting time for point to point transfers, hourly or packages. After that Wait time is charged at the hourly rate for your vehicle plus taxes and tip in 15 minute increments.
Complimentary wait time from airport transfers:
✅ Domestic Arrivals:- Up to 45 minutes with Meet and Greet.
✅ International Arrivals:- up to 60 minutes with Meet and Greet.
✅ South Terminal:- up to 20 minutes.
✅ Abbotsford Airport arrivals: up to 20 minutes.
Booking Time Change: If you need to change the time; please notify office min 2 hrs before the trip, by email at or text 604-319-2278. It also is subject to availability. If a change cannot be accommodated and trip need to canceled then you will be charged in full for the order.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are accepted by email or fax 604-597-9040 only. If you fail to cancel before the time frames detailed below you will be charged in full for the order. 25% deposit on packages is nonrefundable.
Alcohol and Illegal Substances: No alcohol can be consumed and no smoking or use of any illegal drugs inside our vehicle. If any illegal drugs or alcohol are used or found in the limousine the contract will terminate immediately and no refund will be issued. There is no alcohol allowed in the limos as per provincial law. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is no alcohol consumed in the vehicle and any fines or charges that might occur because of violations of this rule will be charged to the client. Read more about Drinking alcohol in limo or Party Bus in vancouver
Services: Destiny Limousine LTD shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, road conditions, extreme weather temperatures, and breakdowns; should the need arise we reserve the right to subcontract and/or substitute vehicles, in order to help ensure that we are able to provide service to this group.
Should there be any issues that affect the client in any way Destiny Limo reserves the sole right to determine what if any recompense as well as the manner of said recompense to the client or affected party. Destiny Limousine LTD considers its reputation as well as the perspective of its clients in every decision it makes and strives to satisfy every client's considerations.
Times & Billing: Although you may be able to make slight adjustments to your start and end times we cannot guarantee your vehicle will be available. Additional time will be allowed if not in conflict with another reservation, it is best to arrange possible additional time prior to your reservation. All charges are computed from the time of the scheduled pick-up time or when you begin using the vehicle, whichever is first, until the drop-off is complete. Additional time will be billed at the above listed hourly rate in 15-minute increments over the required minimum number of hours listed. An additional $25 shuttle fee will be applied, if a get-away car is to be used for multiple pickups and/or stops.
Hours of Service: BC regulations restrict the number of hours a chauffeur can be on duty up to 12 hours per day. Of those 12 hours, no more than 10 hours can spend actively driving. Should this occur a second chauffeur will be required and additional cost may be incurred? In this event speak with your service representative about your options.
Fuel Surcharge: Destiny Limousine LTD builds an estimated amount of fuel into all local reservations; out of town trips will incur an additional fuel charge. Due to the risk of unpredictably high fuel prices we reserve the right to implement a fuel surcharge for all clients (local or out of town).
Vehicle Cleanliness is the responsibility of the group. A cleaning fee of up to $250 may be assessed for trash, unsanitary debris, regurgitation and/or spills left in the vehicle. Additional fees could be invoiced to correct damages and sanitation standards. ANY PHYSICAL DAMAGE done by the group will result in an additional assessment for repair, replacement, parts & labor. Broken or missing glasses will be charged at $10 each.
No Smoking: Smoking in a commercial vehicle is illegal and is not allowed in any of our vehicles. Please make sure all of your guests are aware of this policy. Any signs of smoking in the vehicle will result in a minimum mandatory $100 cleaning fee. If any signs of smoking are detected the chauffeur reserves the right to immediately terminate the trip, with no refund of monies.
Beverages/Snacks: You may bring your own soft drinks and snacks but you will be responsible for any spill. It is illegal to have open liquor in limo passenger compartment and you are liable for liquor to be confiscated and fined.
Entertainment Systems: Many of our vehicles are equipped with entertainment systems including iPod hook ups, CD and DVD players. Destiny cannot guarantee compatibility with users' person iPods, MP3 players, homemade CDs or DVDs. Refunds will not be issued should they not work or not be compatible. It is suggested that should a particular system be requested, that a tour of the vehicle be set up to ensure compatibility.
Classic Car Rental: It must be recognized that classic motorcars are very valuable antique vehicles. Because of this, Destiny does not allow any food in the vehicle and allows limited beverages to be consumed in the vehicle. You may have champagne, white wine and/or clear liquids. The vehicle is equipped with champagne glasses and has a champagne bucket but we do NOT provide champagne or any liquor. Champagne bottles must be opened outside the vehicle so that no corks are popped in the vehicle for safety purposes. We reserve the right to either substitute a vehicle(s) due to weather conditions, mechanical breakdown or other event(s) that may prohibit us from provision of that vehicle(s). In the case of using a different vehicle the rules for beverages in the car may be different based on that vehicle and/or company.
Safety: The group will respect the chauffeur's judgment regarding safety of the passengers and vehicle. The chauffeur reserves the right to terminate the trip at any time, with no refund of monies. Destiny Limousine LTD does not provide child safety seats. Parents and guardians of children traveling in Destiny Limousine LTD vehicles are responsible for providing and installing child safety seats in accordance with state and federal laws.
Personal Items: Destiny Limo assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings or any items left in the vehicle.
Passenger Count & Comfort: The stated capacity of a vehicle is based on the manufactures recommendations and or is based on sixteen inches per seat; we recommend that groups consider additional space for comfort purposes.
Rates & Billing: All Rates are subject to change after trip completion to include actual tolls, parking fees, additional stops & time allotted, etc. Hourly jobs are billed the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for then in .15 min increments thereafter. Destiny Limousine rates are billed including applicable fees, taxes and a 10-15% Gratuity.
Nightclub Transfers: All transfers trips from the nightclubs after 10:00 pm must have booked a returned trip. One way trip from the bar after 11pm will be requiring minimum two hour booking. You can’t leave any belongings in the limo on point to point trips.
Trip Time Change Policy: We require all changes be received by phone or email minimum 2 hours prior to pick up time and are subject to availability. If a change cannot be accommodated and trip need to canceled then you will be charged in full for the order.
Termination of any trip: Destiny Limo reserves the right to terminate any trip without refund if the driver or dispatcher on duty feels that the client and/or party is Violating BC GOVT "No Drinking Liquor Policy" or putting the driver or vehicle in danger of injury.

Termination or trip Change Policy

Change Policy: We require all changes be received by email minimum 2 hours prior to pick up time and are subject to availability. If a change cannot be accommodated and trip need to canceled then you will be charged in full for the order.

Termination of any trip: Destiny reserves the right to terminate any trip without refund if the driver or dispatcher on duty feels that the client and/or party is Violating BC GOVT "No Drinking Liquor Policy" or putting the driver or vehicle in danger of injury.

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When considering the terms of use for a limousine service, it's essential to understand the expectations and responsibilities involved. One should ensure the scheduled pick-up times and maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle. Numerous facets of the agreement warrant attention. Additionally, understanding the liability and insurance coverage is crucial in ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Limousine terms of use also often encompass regulations concerning passenger behaviour and safety. Passengers need to be aware of these guidelines to ensure a pleasant journey for themselves and others aboard. Furthermore, clear communication with the limousine service provider regarding special requests or preferences can enhance your overall experience and contribute to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Rules for Pick-Up Schedule Change

When it comes to travel, unexpected changes and cancellations are bound to happen. Airlines and travel agencies have varying termination or trip change policies that can leave travellers frustrated and uncertain about their options. However, viewing these policies through a different lens allows us to appreciate the flexibility in navigating unforeseen circumstances. Instead of seeing termination or trip change policies as impediments to our plans, we can recognize them as necessary safeguards for travellers and providers. By understanding the rationale behind these policies, travellers can better assess the implications of making changes or cancelling their trips. Embracing the possibility of adjustments opens up new opportunities for exploring alternative destinations or experiences. In conclusion, while termination or trip change policies may initially seem restrictive, they ultimately serve as a valuable framework for managing uncertainties in travel. Viewing these policies from a fresh perspective empowers travellers to make well-informed decisions when facing unexpected disruptions to their plans, leading to greater adaptability and peace of mind during their journeys.