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Drinking alcohol not Allowed in limo or Party Bus vancouver

October 21,2015

Destiny Limousine Ltd.Reference: 236294
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Re: LCLA Information Decal

Over the past few years information has been provided to the passenger transportation industry regarding the Liquor Control and Licensing Act (LCLA). From the feedback the ministry has received from stakeholders, it is clear that more can be done to educate the public with regards to the liquor laws in British Columbia.

On June 2, 2015, I participated in a safe grad event in Vancouver, where I spoke about the need for both operators and passengers to comply with B.C.' s liquor laws. An information release was also provided to the public and media outlets the same day, which stated:

It is the law in British Columbia that no alcohol can be consumed while traveling in any vehicle. Passengers need to know that limousine operators must refuse to board passengers carrying alcohol and they must terminate trips if they find alcohol being consumed in a vehicle. Trips must be terminated in a safe manner such as returning passengers to their starting point or calling parents to come and pick up minors. Operators who do not comply with liquor laws run the risk of losing their licenses.

I am pleased to see that many operators have added information on the LCLA to their web sites and contracts. Also, images and text on web and social media that did not comply with the LCLA have been removed by many operators and I want to encourage others to voluntarily do the same across all platforms. Where necessary, I have asked ministry enforcement personnel to advise licensees to make the changes or risk administrative fines or penalties.

To further support and assist industry with educating its passengers, the ministry is providing limousine operators with decals that clearly state that consuming alcohol in a vehicle is illegal in B.c. These decals are intended as a tool to assist you and your staff in ensuring your vehicles are being operated in compliance with the law and your licence. The idea of a posted notice for passengers was suggested at an industry meeting hosted by the Registrar on May 12,2015, and developed in consultation with industry and the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

Enclosed are decals for each of your active licensed limousines. I encourage you to post a decal in a prominent place inside the passenger area of each of your vehicles. Should you require additional decals, please contact the Passenger Transportation Branch at 604 527-2198 or

No drinking allowed in Vancouver Limo or Party Bus
Todd G. Stone


Copy to: Honourable Suzanne Anton
               Minister of Justice and Attorney General
               MLA, Vancouver-Fraserview

               Deborah Bowman, Assistant Deputy Minister
               Transportation Policy and Programs

               Kristin Vanderkuip, Registrar and Director
               Passenger Transportation Branch

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